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Egyptian Pizza

Twenty thousand years ago, people ate only raw wheat germ. Eventually they crushed it and added water. This mixture was then cooked on burning stones. Evolution then brought us to Egypt, the cradle of civilization, where the first conical oven was invented, and thus the technique of rising dough.

Virgil tells us that the
Romans introduced the moretum, an ancient form of modern pizza. It was a mixture of bread without yeast, soaked in oil and eaten with raw onions or garlic.

At the start of the Middle Ages, the word picea appeared in Italy, which later became pizza. But we had to wait until the 17th century to taste pizza as we know it today. Indeed, in this era the native tomato from America appeared on European plates. From Napoli, the commercialization of prepared pizza with different combinations of toppings such as mozzarella cheese, artichokes and other condiments progressed gradually across Europe.

In 1830, Port d'Alba was created, the first Napolitan pizzeria using brick ovens. Here at Egyptian Pizza, we perpetuate this tradition. Taste and appreciate our succulent pizzas cooked according to this authentic method!

Our intention at Egyptian Pizza is to provide our customers unique and natural foods, while at the same time, cater to their increased awareness and concerns regarding health and nutrition.

We believe in serving tasty, healthy and natural meals to all our customers in a casual and affordable environment. Consistency, quality and freshness are guaranteed!

"The Egyptian Pizza Cafe is a Wi-Fi Hotspot !!!"

The Egyptian Pizza is located in Belvedere Square and offers a selection of 30-plus gourmet brick-oven pizzas, as well as other Egyptian specialties.

410-323-7060          410-323-4001 - FAX

Egyptian Pizza Cafe of Belvedere Square Hours:
Monday -
Sunday     11 a.m. - 11 p.m.

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Egyptian Pizza Cafe honors the Loyola Evergreen Card !!!

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